How Do You Listen To Music?

Hello and welcome to a new blog ‘How Do You Listen To Music?’; this will focus on a documentary I am making as part of my studies at Salford University.

When I was growing up I listened to records over and over again, I knew every word of every song. I often think back to this time and remember the excitement, the anticipation of listening to a new record. If I look at my relationship with music today I rarely listen to it without doing something else (answering emails, browsing the internet etc).

This documentary will look in to the effect that technology has had on our listening habits; over the past few years there have been plenty of studies to suggest that the way we read has been severely affected by  our use of computers and the internet, could a similar effect be happening on the way we listen as well?
If this is a subject that interests you then please get in touch, I am conducting a number of interviews at the moment and would like to get as many people involved as possible.


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