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Slow Listening: Fort Romeau

An excellent interview with Fort Romeau up on Fact that has lots of parallels with this project. A couple of snippets:

“In contemporary life, our attention is more fractured and intermittent than at any point in human history. If you by any chance you are reading this, it’s probable you have at least 4 other browser windows open, perhaps a beeping Twitter application, two conversations on Facebook, a YouTube video paused and a song playing on Spotify all whilst checking your emails for the second time in as many minutes, to try and avoid whatever it is you are supposed to be doing on Excel/Word/Illustrator, etc”

“We simply do not pay enough attention. The activities which require most mental energy are often rushed or avoided, and our enjoyment and fulfillment consequently suffer. So I propose vinyl listening, not as a replacement, but as a vital supplement to the digital, instant, virtual world. It provides us with a connection to the physical and tangible world that we are rapidly leaving behind”

Sound familiar? read the full article here.